Debugging network issues within strict snap confinement


I’m running into a problem trying to run vmware GOVC CLI in a strict confinement (classic works fine).

Simple CLI operations run correctly, however, when trying to import an OVA image to the vcenter server, the CLI fails mid-way with “Post: unexpected EOF”. I’m using plugs: network and home. There is nothing suspicious from apparmor in the logs that I can see. Is there some kind of a limitation to throughput, ports, etc. that’s applied in a strict confinement? I’d really appreciate any advice on debugging this issue.

The only reference to this error message I could find on GH was the issue



Some feedback around the issue, if someone stumbles across this in the future. There was no issue with the Snap, rather the virtual machine I was running this on was running out of space. Once I freed up some space, the OVA image was able to download correctly prior to the import and the operation completed successfully. The error actually referred to the uploaded image being corrupt and had nothing to do with the networking layer/comms.

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