DBus slot request for Jami (formally Ring)

The store is automatically rejecting Jami uploads due to having two slots for dbus services that the app provides:

    interface: dbus
    bus: session
    name: cx.ring.Ring
    interface: dbus
    bus: session
    name: cx.ring.RingGnome

These are named after the old application name, Ring, but are unique to this application.

I do not believe they are used by any other app to communicate with Ring so I’m actually unsure whether exposing them via a slot is the right thing to do. Maybe snapd needs to support a snap binding to dbus names without exposing those names outside of the snap so that the snap can talk to itself via dbus without requiring a store assertion - Ring has two processes which use the dbus communication channels to talk to each other.

+1 from me. Does this get past the issues you were having with the application previously?

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The rebranding of Ring to Jami while the DBus names spaces are unchanged is understood. :+1: from me.

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I don’t believe it fixes the communication problem between two peers when setting up a call. But it does help a bit :slight_smile:

+1 from me.

3 votes for, 0 against. This is now live. (Note, it appears that someone changed this prior to the vote cast, but it was correct).

@lucyllewy - please see store feedback for why your latest revisions are failing review even though the snap declaration was updated.

What you are doing is correct and by default the base and snap declarations will not allow communications with your snap via these interfaces since we explicitly disallow auto-connection.