DBUS Access Request

XDMAN (xdman) Latest release V8.0.29 was released 2 weeks ago i pushed it on 16th July, but its still stuck at review queue , is there any special reason for it ? if not it would have been good if the dbus access could be allowed ASAP, thanks.

I have just granted this - note that the chosen name xdm.app does not follow the general pattern (see https://developer.gnome.org/documentation/tutorials/application-id.html#guidelines-for-choosing-an-application-id for guidance) however this seems to be done by the upstream project so perhaps it is not easy to change?

Yes its done by the upstream , currently i believe this should be allowed and for the future i will create a issue with upstream suggesting them to look into this attached with your doc link on dbus naming, but if the dbus id is changed then the app will have to renew the dbus id, but change of the id isnt happening anytime soon as the upstream is rarely available.

@alexmurray Done, thanks i will open a issue as mentioned with the upstream regarding the dbus id.