Dbeaver-ce snap in edge channel has permission issue

Hello @rasul-dbeaver,

Thank you for working on a snap for dbeaver-ce - it’s greatly appreciated. I installed it this morning as I am setting up a new Linux Mint 19 box for development work. After installing I see the /snap/bin/dbeaver-ce.dbeaver executable has been added. When I try to execute dbeaver-ce.dbeaver I get the following error:

/snap/dbeaver-ce/18/command-dbeaver.wrapper: 5: exec: /snap/dbeaver-ce/18/dbeaver: Permission denied

Upon investigating it looks like /snap/dbeaver-ce/18/dbeaver needs to have rx permissions added for group and other users.

Also would it be possible to change the installed executable name to just be /snap/bin/dbeaver-ce or /snap/bin/dbeaver?


I have exactly the same issue on Ubuntu 18.10.

What I found on Stack Overflow is Snap is installing with “shared install” option, but we need “private install” version to avoid run as root.

I don’t know how to solve it with Snap, there is no select option in software centre and I couldn’t find any CLI parameter for it.

Any luck anybody? Thanks!

have you tried reaching out to the contact address on the snap?