Daily proxy errors uploading to store

Nextcloud uploads a number of snaps daily to edge (different tracks). This is supposed to be automated, but it actually needs to be babysat because the store gives us proxy errors pretty much every single day without fail:

Launchpad gives us no sort of log for this. The store doesn’t tell us anything. What’s happening here? Is it a known issue?


@kyrofa sounds like a variation of https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapstore/+bug/1674420, we will need to jump on that again.

Any progress on this? It’s still happening every day.

I just had it from launchpad. The snap is ~38MB in size, so not huge, and was transferred from launchpad, so not my connection at fault.

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Yeah same here. Still happening every day.

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We have 1 fix going out likely tomorrow, but it’s not yet clear if it’s the only issue causing 502s. I believe there’s also an LP change releasing tomorrow to improve the error messaging on that side. I apologize for this taking as long as it has, it’s being difficult to track down but we will continue to debug.

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Here’s a summary of recent Launchpad changes in this area, all of which are now live:

  • Log some useful information from authorising macaroons while uploading snaps to the store, to make it easier for Launchpad staff to authorise problems. (In other words, we can now see the snap-id and the OpenID identity of the authorising user, rather than having to guess.)
  • Extract more useful error messages when snap store operations fail, and show them in the API and web UI (#1650461, #1687068).
  • Send mail rather than OOPSing if refreshing snap store upload macaroons fails (#1668368).
  • Automatically retry snap store upload attempts that return 502 or 503, up to our usual retry limit of 20 attempts.

Will this only send an email if those 20 attempts fail, then? If so, if i hit the “retry” button, will it try 20 more times, or just once?

Will this only send an email if those 20 attempts fail, then?


If so, if i hit the “retry” button, will it try 20 more times, or just once?

Just once, I think; the attempt count doesn’t appear to be reset by a manual retry. But in this sort of situation we’d probably rather you come and talk to us rather than continuing to hammer an apparently-failing service.

Nice, today is the first day I haven’t gotten proxy error emails, so that seems to have helped :slight_smile: .

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I had a bunch fail just now. This is one. https://launchpad.net/~popey/+snap/offlineimapmaster/+build/48728 I hit retry and it’s “in progress”


There was a brief outage in the store - see http://status.snapcraft.io/ - which it seems you managed to hit.

Please let us know if you continue to see issues.

We believe this issue is resolved now. Please let us know if you run into further cases.