Custom Path for Makefile


I am struggling to make snapcraft work with a basic project. My project has the following structure :

	-- Builds 
		-- Linux
			-- Makefile
		-- Windows
	-- src

When I compile the project manually, I do “cd MyProject/Builds/Linux/” then “make” and it works fine.

Here is the specific part of my snap :

source-type: local 
source: MyProject
makefile : MyProject/Builds/Linux/Makefile
make-parameters : ["CONFIG=Release"]
  - make
  - pkg-config
  - g++

I tried all possible path, I always have the error Failed to run ‘make -f /Builds/Linux/Makefile -j2 CONFIG=Release’ for ‘test-MyProject’: Exited with code 2.

When I go to the MyProject/Builds/Linux/ folder in the snap project and type “make” it works. I am confused with path, when the command fails, from which repository is it trying to launch make?

What am I doing wrong?