Custom icons for Telegram Desktop

I would like to install and use monochrome icons for Telegram Desktop on KDE Plasma (Neon), and have found a way to do so for “regular” installations of Telegram Desktop, as documented on

However, I can’t figure out where the ~/.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons/ directory for the snap should be. I have replaced the ticons directory in the following paths:


Does anyone have any pointers where to continue?

I have resolved the issue by renaming the files from ico to icon, which seems to be required now.

For anyone interested, I’ve done so using the following for-loop (inside the directory where the icons live):

for file in *.png; do 
newname=$(echo $file | sed 's/ico/icon/')
mv -v $file $newname

The only correct location for the icons I have found seems to be ~/snap/telegram-desktop/<version>/.local/share/TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons. Sadly, using the common directory doesn’t seem to work (though, if I am mistaken, please correct me).

Correct, the snap expects the files to be there, but that’s fine - the whole directory is copied to the new version when installed.

To avoid confusion, there is a current symlink to the current version:


And indeed the files need to be renamed, a one-liner also does the job:

for i in *.png; do mv $i ${i/ico/icon}; done

For reference, snap run --strace= telegram-desktop allows you to see the files the process is opening (or trying to).

Thanks for the added information! :slight_smile: