Custom cursor not working inside Firefox in 21.10

I have my own cursor which works almost everywhere else inside 21.10. But inside Firefox, I see that the cursor falls back to default. Is there any method to make sure that the cursor remains the same inside Firefox as well ?


If your cursor theme isn’t part of gtk-common-themes, the firefox snap won’t be able to use it, and will fall back to a default cursor theme. That’s a known limitation of the theming integration of snaps, and was discussed in Automatic theme snap installation notes.

There is another known issue with fallback cursors looking ugly on Wayland, this is being addressed.

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This is a cursor theme I created myself and placed in the .icons folder. And selected through Gnome Tweak Tool.

I want to report an odd behaviour. On my laptop I get 4 hours on Windows 10 and 2 hours on 21.04. Now after upgrading to 21.10, wifi, Bluetooth off, I get close to 3.5 hours. Almost like Windows. I have Slimbook battery tool installed and set to Energy Savng mode.

While I use the snap version, I get this 3.5 hours on 21.10 and I installed .deb from the store to bypass this cursor theme issue. Now my battery backup has gone back to 2 hours which was there in 21.04.

My laptop is 1 month old.

have you tried copying your theme into ~/snap/firefox/current/.local/share/icons/ ?

Yes, I tried now.

I do not see an entry in Gnome Tweaks though. But I copied the folder to the snap path you provided. Power off the system > start it > used Gnome Tweaks to select the only entry of the cursor theme ( changed to another first )

But the same. The cursor theme remain default inside Firefox snap. Thanks.