Creating a desktop file for autostarting within a snapped application

Hello everybody.

I want to implement a new feature for my application (it is a java-based application already snapped and in the store for a while): A checkbox for allowing the application to start automatically when the system is booted. To do so, I need to create a desktop file within /home/myhome/.config/autostart but I obtain Permission denied error everytime I try to write to this directory.

The snap confinement is strict and I have home plugin defined within snapcraft.yaml. This is the complete file:

name: wallpaperdownloader
version: “3.1”
summary: Download, manage and change your favorite wallpapers from the Internet
description: WallpaperDownloader is a simple GUI Java based application for downloading, managing and changing wallpapers from the Internet
grade: stable
confinement: strict

# network-observe plug will be needed to run ping command from the snap
- x11
- desktop
- desktop-legacy
- wayland
- unity7
- network-bind
- network-observe
- home
- gsettings

plugin: maven
source: …
- mate-desktop-common
- curl
after: [desktop-gtk3]

plugin: dump
source: scripts

Any ideas if this is possible to do? Thank you very much!

Today this is not allowed, however please see This is targeted for 2.33 but may still yet make it into 2.32.

Hi @jdstrand , thank you very much for the quick answer :slight_smile:

There is something that it isn’t clear for me after reading the link: in order to autostart an snapped application, will it be only necessary to create a .desktop file within /home/myhome/snap/application/version/.config/autostart?

Or some configuration will be needed within snapcraft.yaml file in order to achieve this goal?

Thank you again!!