Create Security documentation

I didn’t find much information about how security works with snaps. Just this on a quick look:


is confined from the OS and other apps through security mechanisms, but can exchange content and functions with other snaps according to fine-grained policies controlled by the user and the OS defaults.


Not only are snaps kept separate, their data is kept separate too. Snaps communicate with each other only in ways that you approve.

There’s a lot of misinformation going on recently and I think the lack of a Security section on the documentation, or the store, or even the main page is not helping.

Create a Security section and explain how everything works, please be transparent and don’t use a lot of technical terms, this is aimed at users.

There are:

And the core security whitepaper:

Almost no one will check these links above, I’m talking about creating a Security section here:


It doesn’t need be too long or have multiple items, one page explaining will probably be enough for most people.

The technical details could be elsewhere, just put a link like: “Learn more about Security”, and developers and high skilled users could access if they want to.

then you should probably report it at

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