Create 1.11 track for the "go" snap

Hi, could a store admin please create a 1.11 track for the “go” snap with guard rail ^1\.10($|\.|\+|beta|rc). I believe this falls under the “Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence” category :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Sure thing. I’ve created the track given my +1 as reviewer and the precedent of existing tracks for Go.

One thing though - the guard rail expression you requested is identical to what we have for 1.10 already, so I took the liberty of amending it to ^1\.11($|\.|\+|beta|rc). (ohh and check this out, if you wrap the text in backticks it gets quoted and it doesn’t mangle the regex).

Do let me know if I need to change the expression.


  • Daniel