Core20 not in /v2/snaps/find results?

When I do a search, either full text or name starts with, core I get results that include core, core16 and core18 but no core20 snap. If I specify core20 specifically I still do not get a result that is for the core20 snap itself.

Is there something I’m missing there?

Core20 does not appear in search results because the maintainer has set it as “unlisted”.

  • Daniel

Thank you for the response. So then there’s no way to query for it?

It doesn’t come up in search results but that doesn’t mean you can’t query for it some other way if you know the name of the snap (which you do). Try:

snap info core20

snap install core20

Or visit this:

Thanks. I guess /v2/snaps/info/core20 has what I need.