Core18/GTK2 issue with localization/translation


I created recently new package: Install fslint-unofficial on Linux | Snap Store I tried to follow tutorials and now it generally works, but I would like to improve experience. Part of it is localization/translation. Application is well localized, but I’m not able to get them working.

I found info that desktop-launch script should handle font and localization but it didn’t help. I also tried playing with layout/bind but again without success. Maybe you can suggest me what to try next?

Full package source can be found here:

Other issue I have is to handle Gnome theme - it’s loading “squared”, but it would be nice if it could behave more native.


  • Why Core18 - because fslint is no longer available in Ubuntu 20.x.
  • it’s my first snap package ever so please don’t hit me :wink:

I was able to get translations working by following old GTK2 tutorial. Zrzut ekranu z 2021-04-09 11-05-32

Now, only themes are left :wink: