Command-chain is empty lint-snap-v2_app_command-chain (zig)

My builds of Zig are being automatically rejected with the following “failure”:

command-chain is empty lint-snap-v2_app_command-chain (zig) 

From what little information I could find on the command-chain feature, I don’t think it applies to Zig. Is this failure a mistake? If not, then do I just need to add command-chain: <some empty value> to my snapcraft.yaml? Also, it’d be good to update example configs to include the field, because I don’t see it presently (e.g.

In your built snap, what is the value of command-chain in meta/snap.yaml?

    command: zig
    command-chain: []

Yeah seems like an issue with the store review tools

This problem is still blocking me from updating my snap. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do on my end. My snapcraft.yaml is pretty straight-forward.

Lots of folks on the store team (and other teams myself included) are at an internal sprint this week, so unfortunately it might be a little while longer until this can get resolved.

FWIW, an empty command-chain is fine by snapd when installed

The resulting meta/snap.yaml that is being reviewing in the store ends up with:

    command: zig
    command-chain: []
- command-chain

@sergiusens - is this a snapcraft bug? If not and this is valid, I can adjust the tests and manually approve uploads to the store until the fix is in production.

I think it would be helpful to see the snapcraft.yaml that generated this snap.yaml along with an indication of which version of snapcraft was used to build the snap (was it the build service?)…

I found that I was running an edge release of snapcraft, and the problem is resolved if I go back to stable!

Below is the config that encountered the problem:

snapcraft, version 3.8+git18.g7aa57665

name: zig
title: Zig
summary: Zig Programming Language
description: Zig is an open-source programming language designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability.
license: MIT

base: core18
confinement: classic
grade: devel
version: master
version-script: $SNAPCRAFT_PRIME/zig version

    command: zig

    plugin: dump

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That’s really helpful. It lets @sergiusens or @cjp256 narrow down the issue :slight_smile: Thankyou!

This can potentially open happen on snapcraft from edge – people using the experimental remote-build are using snapcraft from edge. I will look into it before we make a release.

@Jayschwa is your snapcraft.yaml public? EDIT: I see it now. How are you building this?

Thanks for confirming it is only on edge. I will post the fix for this here once I have it.

@jdstrand nothing to do on your side.

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Here’s the PR to fix this: