Classic request for sway-classic

Many people ask me to publish sway as classic snap. So i need these permission for “sway-classic”

At this time, a shell is going to need classic, so the requirements are understood. @advocacy - can you please perform the vetting?

That said, rather than creating a second snap called “sway-classic”, would it make more sense to use a classic track instead? This was discussed this pattern elsewhere, but I’m not finding the outcome. @roadmr can you comment?

Sure, it’s similar to this case, the outcome of which can be considered precedent for this kind of request. In short, if a track to contain a classic-confinement revision of the snap is desired, it should be named classicmode (reasons explained in that other thread).

The general reasoning was that a classic track is awkward but less so than having a separate snap name.

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I know there is work in progress to launch desktop apps from a snap.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to call a “classic”-snap from “strict”-snap then?

If so, then the desktop snap didn’t need to be classic. Only e.g. the terminal snap…

Should we really build a classic-desktop snap ?

sorry, for asking.

I scroll through the forum, but didn’t see any information how to create a “track”.

Is there any documentation or source code ?

Is it possible to build from one git-repo on, instead of has two repo’s for the same snap but different confinment ?

It is not possible to call any snap from a strict mode snap. The work to enable this is for an API for the shell to use to talk to snapd’s userd to ask it to launch a desktop file. It is understood that this is insufficient for terminal snaps, which for the foreseeable future will need to remain classic.

Well, the terminal only needs to draw on the screen.

I think a classic application can communicate with the compositors over the wire-protocol socket.

All i can see what userd is to do, is to launch the terminal and give them the socket information.

To give foreign applications an own drawing space (an own headless wayland) it’s in my eyes questionable.


Who can create a track for “sway” . Then i delete “sway-classic”

@roadmr - can you assist with this?

I guess it depends on how the terminal is written. Most terminals launch a shell (eg /bin/bash) which is designed to execute anything the user asks. This won’t work with strict confinement with the first set of userd changes. It is theoretically possible for said shell to integrate with userd when it tries to exec, which I guess is what you are getting at?

I can ! sure.

So to clarify, a classicmode track on the sway snap, right?

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hello. Yes. And some link where to find information, howto to use a track.
i currently build sway with “


OK, I’m +1 to the classicmode track, I’d still need some more votes from reviewers (maybe @jdstrand since you suggested the approach for this snap?) and maybe a fast-track from an architect otherwise we’d create these tracks in 7 days per the usual process.

For track usage:


(part 2 actually talks about tracks but I suggest starting at the beginning of part 1).

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Considering the above, is the request now for ‘sway’ to be granted the use of classic (as opposed to sway-classic)?

@jdstrand: yes, i think so :slight_smile:

Ping @advocacy - can you perform the vetting?

Vetting has been completed. +1 from advocacy.

Granting use of classic to ‘sway’ (not ‘sway-classic’) since this snap will use different tracks for strict and classic. This is now live.

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