Classic request for "lxqt-snap"


I built a snap for “lxqt-snap”.
“lxqt-snap” is a desktop environment.
Desktop environment need classic confinement.



Is there anything missing?

The only other ‘desktop environment’ snaps in the store appear to be egmde and mate-wayland - both of these have classic confinement so there is some precedence here - however, my understanding is both of these are designed for Ubuntu core devices - is lxqt similar in this regard?

Also I feel like the -snap suffix is redundant - is there a particular reason why you have named them as such (I also see lxqt-l10n-snap, lxqt-organizer-snap and lxqt-archiver-snap in the store - and can’t help but feel the -snap part of each name is unnecessary).

LXQt is not like egmde or mate-wayland. I was wrong. I use confinement: strict and plugs: .

Certainly -snap was redundant. I only wanted to emphasize that it was snap but not deb.
I rename lxqt-snap to lxqt. But, error: “Sorry, that name is reserved. Try a different name.”
I will continue to use lxqt-snap.

FYI, there is a process for requesting a reserved name if you want one. @store can advise. If you don’t, lxqt-ito32 or similar is probably better.

Hello, I tried registering lxqt and got:

lxqt ’ is reserved. You can request a reserved name or register a new name below.

Using that link will enqueue your request to use the name so we can review it.

If you didn’t get the “You can request a reserved name” message, could you please tell me the steps you followed and where you got the message you showed?

  • Daniel

I requested name lxqt.

Ok since this is not using classic confinement I am removing this request from our internal queue.