Classic for all file operations?

This might be a bad question, but I need to ask it as the documentation is unclear (or well hidden :slight_smile: ).

If I have a snap that moves/copies files around the file system (usually decided by the user), where the user has access. Is classic confinement the only option ?

If so, what guidelines are followed when approving classic confinement?

A very simple example that moves/gets .env files.

Normally the home and removeable-media interfaces are enough for this sort of thing since they cover the areas of the filesystem the user typically has write access to outside of snaps. There is a process to follow for requesting classic confinement here: Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps and part of that process involves describing precisely why the snap requires classic confinement. If the home and removeable-media interfaces don’t work for you, can you describe how your snap operates and what sorts of things are denied in strict confinement?

The home interface will do just fine for most, I was unaware of that. I can see there is a simuler request process for that. Thank you.