Classic Confinement Request: ubuntu-budgie-installer

Good day,

I would like to officially request approval for classic confinement for the snap package called ‘ubuntu-budgie-installer’ on behalf of Ubuntu Budgie. An initial package has been pushed to the store to the edge channel.

ubuntu-budgie-installer is our version of the Canonical template ubuntu-flavor-installer

ubuntu-flavor-installer is as the README states “the starting point for ubuntu flavors” i.e. where flavours who are migrating from another installer such as Ubiquity to Canonical’s new snap installer ubuntu-desktop-installer. All flavours using this template has ubuntu-desktop-installer as its basis. The ubuntu-desktop-installer snap is classic confined and all installers based on this similarly need to be classic confined due to how it operates.

The reasoning for this request is that Ubuntu Budgie wishes to migrate to the new installer for either the 23.04 or the 23.10 release. We currently already have the GitHub repo replicating into Launchpad, and post-classic approval will wire in the bits between Launchpad and the store itself automatically. Granting this request will allow us to include ubuntu-budgie-installer in our seeds subject to working with the release team to make the necessary changes to livecd-rootfs.

Note - Ubuntu Budgie is as far as I understand the first of the official ubuntu flavours requesting classic confinement for its version of ubuntu-desktop-installer/ubuntu-flavor-installer.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hey @fossfreedom

The requirements for classic confinement are understood as this fits within the precedent of ubuntu-desktop-installer and uses the official template. The publisher (ubuntubudgie) has already been granted classic confinement for a similar request in the past (Classic Confinement Request: budgie-welcome).

As such, I have now gone ahead and granted classic confinement override for budgie-desktop-installer. This is now live.


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