[Classic Confinement Request] nteract desktop application

What is nteract desktop?
nteract desktop allows you to quickly view, edit, and publish Jupyter notebooks from your desktop.

Why do nteract need classic confinement?
nteract enables users to work with different kernels installed on the system, i.e. python, R, Julia. To be able to connect with them, nteract need classic confinement.

Where can we know more about this project?
Snap: https://snapcraft.io/nteract
Snap Publisher: nteract
Source: github.com/nteract/nteract/
Website: https://nteract.io/

Anything else we should know?
I am one of the contributors to this project, so initially, I published the snap. However, the transfer request was approved, and now the snap is published under the official account “nteract”.

@popey @Wimpress @evan

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Does nteract expect these kernels to be already installed on the host system, and then does it need to execute python / R etc directly? Instead would it be possible for nteract to ship these kernels itself - then it would not need classic confinement.

Thank you for your reply.

In simple words, nteract is like any IDE, where you can write your code, and execute them in different languages like R, Python, etc., and these languages are referred to as kernels. So, I don’t think shipping all the kernels(languages) is possible.

Yes, at least one of the kernel(language) should be installed on the system. However, most of our users work with python, and because of sandboxing, nteract users are not able to execute their code in python or any other language except nodejs.

PS: I don’t know why they decided to call different languages as kernels, but that’s how it is. :slight_smile:

Ok so nteract is an IDE, and IDEs are supported use-cases for classic confinement. As such, the requirements for classic confinement are understood - @advocacy, could you please perform publisher vetting?

I verified the publisher, so +1 for this request.

Thank you @alexmurray @Igor @advocacy for the review :slight_smile:

This is now live - @ramantehlan note users who are currently using a strict mode version of nteract will not be automatically refreshed to the classic version - they will need to manually do this via:

sudo snap refresh nteract --classic
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