Classic confinement request for the CodeChecker Snap

Hi All!

I would like to create a snap package from CodeChecker and I would like to request a classic confinement for it.

CodeChecker is an analyzer tooling, defect database and viewer extension for the Clang Static Analyzer and Clang Tidy.

There are multiple reasons why we need classic confinement:

  • CodeChecker log command which runs the given build command (simple calls to ‘g++’, ‘clang++’, ‘make’, etc) and records the executed compilation steps by creating a Compilation Database. There are many different build systems, different compilers so we can’t install a specific version from it inside the snap package and assume that every project can be built with it.

  • CodeChecker analyze command which uses the previously created Compilation Database to perform an analysis on the project. In this phase we call the ‘clang’ and ‘clang-tidy’ binaries from the user’s host machine. Most of our users are using custom clang versions (they are building own versions) so we can’t install a specific version in the snap package.

You can find more information about these commands inside our documentation.

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It’s just a gentle ping. Do you need some more information or anything to move this ticket forward?

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Apologies for the delay in reviewing this request, CodeChecker clearly needs classic confinement to work since it is designed to integrate with existing toolchains etc on the host machine and launch arbitrary binaries as part of this. As this is part of the software development workflow, this fits in with the Known Categories for Classic Confinement in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps as this is in the same realm as Compilers, IDEs etc.

The requirements for classic confinement are therefore understood - @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

Thanks @Igor, I have now granted classic confinement for codechecker - this is now live.