Classic confinement request for terragrunt-snap

I’m working on a snap for Terragrunt which requires access to the filesystem in order to manipulate files for Terraform generation. The snap name is terragrunt-snap.

So a couple things

  1. since this is a snap, the -snap suffix on the name is redundant- why not just call it terragrunt?
  2. Can you please provide more details on what filesystem access is required (what files, are these hardcoded or specified by the user, do the need read-only access or write / execute as well etc) - and can you also let us know which of the supported categories for classic confinement that terragrunt fits into - see Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

Hey Alex –

Thanks for getting back to me. So, the terragrunt name is taken, however, it hasn’t been updated in 5 or so years. I’d love to get that name if possible. As far as filesystem access goes, the user will specify the files that need to be accessed and modified. I would categorize this tool as a compiler/tool for configuration.

Regarding the name - you could try contacting the existing maintainer of the snap and see if they would transfer ownership to you?

Also for compilers/tools for configuration - if these files are generally in $HOME and the snap doesn’t expect to access other files from the system (such as header files or libraries etc as traditional compilers do) then strict confinement should be sufficient.

Can you please provide some more concrete use-cases so I can understand how terragrunt is used by end-users?

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That did the trick! Thanks for the assistance. :grin:

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hey @cr0th,

So it seems classic is not needed anymore. I am removing this request from our review queue then. If you have any further question, feel free to ask here and we will be happy to help.