Classic confinement request for mackup


mackup is some sort of backup application.
It creates symlinks for every application supported (mainly with dotfiles) to a single directory.
This directory can be a dropbox, git, etc.

mackup need classic confinement because mackup need to access its own .mackup.cfg file but also any other dotfile in home user dir.

The snap has already been pushed to snapcraft and is under manual review pending status

snap repository:

Thank you in advance for your time.


cc @evan, @popey, @Wimpress


@kyrofa gentle ping

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I’m going to +1 this request as it needs access beyond any of our interfaces will allow. Specifically access to numerous dotfiles in the home directory, and other arbitrary locations for backing up those dotfiles. Without classic, this snap effectively won’t work.

Ideally though, this would be better pushed upstream. Have you spoken to the upstream developers about landing the yaml there, and having them push to the store?


@popey I totally agree with you about adding it to the upstream project.

I was looking to upstream it after having a shareable working version. But we need classic confinement to have something working.

Do you think I need to do the opposite (and sadly postpone this current request).


No, I don’t think we need to postpone, if there’s clear intent to push upstream. Thanks for taking the time to get involved and snap this project!


This gets a +1 from me.

I’m familiar with the Mackup and used it for years so understand the request for classic. Upstream have been receptive to Linux related pull requests I’ve filed in the past so I’m sure @guilhem will have good success landing this :slight_smile:


Good to know, I also have a patch to submit to improve bootstrapping.
git clone http://... dir
snap install mackup --classic
mackup restore -f for/mackup.cfg

And that’s all :slight_smile:


Granting use of classic. This is now live.