Classic confinement request for Clementine

Requesting classic confinement for Clementine.

PR has been made.

PR has not been accepted by upstream, yet.

Awaiting your input.

Kind Regards.

Can you link to the PR?

Let me be clear; I’d MUCH rather have the upstream devs take over the snap, but they haven’t replied to my contact attempts (first of which were a few months ago). However, one of the main complaints regarding this snap is the appearance (on non-KDE machines, it’s hideous). Unless I’m mistaken, classic confinement might improve appearances (again, I could be wrong).

Please advise.

Per Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps, part of the request for classic is to describe why classic is needed. In the case of clementine, I would suspect it would work just fine as a strict snap. We have interfaces for binding to a well-known dbus name (dbus interface), network, home (for accessing ~/Music), avahi-abserve (eg, daap), etc, etc. If you used one of the desktop snapcraft parts, I suspect this would be fairly straightforward.

Why specifically does clementine need to be classic? Have you used sudo scanlog (first snap install snappy-debug) under devmode or strict mode to see what interfaces to connect?