Classic confinement request: electerm

It is terminal app based on electron, need the permission the same as current user, and also need the child process exec would work, like list system font(node-font-list module).

Hey @zxdong262,

I see your snap is published under strict confinement and is actively used by hundreds of users already for the past months.

Are you experiencing any issue that you wanna move to classic now?


I got users complain about that can not get font list(use child process exec) or use sudo in terminal, but use other releases like rpm, or dep would be OK, that is why I end up with this solution.

Since electerm is a terminal emulator, it fits within the existing category of “terminal emulators” for granting classic confinement (Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps) - however I have one concern - moving a snap from strict to classic confinement means that existing users will not automatically get updated to the classic confined version - they need to manually refresh the snap with the --classic flag - do you have a plan for how to notify these users and suggest to them that they manually upgrade to the classicly confined version if this is granted?

In the meantime we should kick of publisher vetting as the requirements for classic confinement are understood. @advocacy can you please start this? Thanks.

My plan is that I would put this in next release note, when next release comes, all users would see the update info in their update notification, also would update kown issues wiki, and github repo readme.

Hello folks, I just got back after a while, I will look into this now.

@zxdong262 Is there an official homepage/domain for electerm?

+1 from me, I have verified the publisher.

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Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Thank you, everyone~