Classic confinement permission needed for `code-exploration` snap

I’m attempting to publish a new snap for our exploration builds of VS Code: code-exploration.


(NEEDS REVIEW) confinement ‘classic’ not allowed. If your snap needs classic confinement to function, please make a request for this snap to use classic by creating a new topic in the forum using the ‘store’ category and detail the technical reasons why classic is required. lint-snap-v2_confinement_classic What does this mean?

+1 as we have already vetted the developer, and this is the same as the existing vscode and code-insiders snaps.

@popey - the publisher for ‘code’ is different from that of ‘code-exploration’. It looks like ‘code-exploration’ is from the requester here in the forum, whereas the previously vetted publisher is ‘vscode’. I’m happy to grant classic for this snap to the ‘vscode’ publisher, but the publisher vetting needs to be done for this individual.

I didn’t mean the developer is the same, but the requirements are the same. I may have not worded that well.

I see, I’ve created this new snap under my identity. If there’s a way to delete a snap, I can recreate it with the same publisher as the ‘code’ snap. Should I do that?

@jdstrand @popey Any chance we can delete this snap from the store so I can publish it as vscode?

sily question: why not use a different track on the existing code snap?

@chipaca Some applications are namespaced, executable and configuration paths, so they can be installed side by side and not conflict. Visual Studio Code is such an application and Microsoft have already registered code, code-insiders and code-oss. And now we have code-exploration which appears to be a more experimental build than even code-insiders.

@jdstrand We have met @joaomoreno in person, he is responsible for Visual Studio Code release engineering at Microsoft.

@joaomoreno I’d prefer to not start publishing experimental builds of Code under the vscode snap since it is very widely used. We can transfer ownership of code-exploration to that same account as the other Code snap if you like? Let me know how you want to proceed.

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ah, and as its classic they can’t do parallel installs. Ah well.

We can transfer ownership of code-exploration to that same account as the other Code snap if you like?

Yep, let’s do that. Thanks for jumping in!

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+1 based on the discussion above. I’m curious to know if vscode would consider embracing parallel installations for insiders vs release if parallel installation were supported for snaps using classic confinement.

Thanks @Wimpress. Granting use of classic. This is now live.


I’m not sure parallel installations would cut it. Code Insiders is a separate product, with distinct imaging, user data folders and licensing, when compared to Code.

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