Classic confinement, name request and aliases for Emacs (git)

my request is like this one Classic confinement, name request and aliases for emacs

This Emacs the text editor, but a “bleeding edge” version with extra features activated like xwidgets. The classic confinement is required because the user expects to edit anything anywhere. I registered the name emacs-git and I would like to keep it as I plan to maintain this snap.

This package ships Emacs along with other commands just like the emacs snap.

The snap definition is here

Would this be better served by combining efforts with the emacs snap and have a separate track for the bleeding edge version? (cc @alexmurray)

Not sure if possible, thing is that my Snapcraft takes a couple of more dependencies and also turn on some features of Emacs at ./configure

I agree this would be best served by having a separate track for the existing emacs snap (perhaps called snapshot since this is familiar to anyone using the existing Elisp PPA Ubuntu Emacs Lisp : “Ubuntu Emacs Lisp” team) and to maintain this as a branch in the emacs-snap repo ( - I would love to collaborate with you on this :slight_smile:

I am not certain how this would work with the service but I am sure we can figure it out - so that there is a single emacs snap which offers both a stable build and a build which tracks git master etc via the tracks mechanism.

In that case maybe is time for me to fork your repo and make some contributions, but the question remains, what documentation of snapcraft should I read to learn about this “separate track” thing?

EDIT: Never mind, gonna read the other post you made and see what can I extract from there