Classic confinement for the `am-okay` program (a powerfull program allowing dynamically to copy or move files/dirs from the terminal)

@ogra I do not understand what you’re talking about.

Do you mean that confinement has nothing to do with having the right to write here and there?

I do a lot of tests with the program. It runs only on a classic confinement (without errors).

Just because a certain snap can only function with classic confinement, that does not mean it will be granted the use of classic confinement. It has to fit within one of the supported categories - please read the full details in the links posted earlier. Unfortunately this snap does not seem to fit within one of the supported categories, so even though it may require classic confinement to run, it is not possible to be granted this permission at this time. As I said above:

Unfortunately the snap model of strict confinement is not suitable for all applications and so some are not able to be easily packaged as snaps.

Okay @alexmurray .

Thanks for your insight .