Classic confinement for t2sz

I’ve made a command line utility that I want to distribute in the snap store.

At the moment it’s distributed in strict mode but the usage is very limited since it can’t be used outside the home directory while an user may want to use it in any directory he has access to.

The utility is very simple, it takes a .tar archive in input and it compress it into a .tar.zst archive.

The source code is available on GitHub.

For most users, plugging home and optionally removable-media should provide access for t2sz to most files they may wish to compress. Also access to arbitrary files is not one of the supported categories for classic confinement. As such I do not think classic confinement should be required for this snap.

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Thank you, I will add removable-media and add a note in the README of my project.

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@martinellimarco sounds like you could solve your request without classic, correct? I am removing this request from our queue. We can re open it in the future if needed.

If further locations are needed, you could also explore personal-files and system-files interfaces provided your snap is the clear owner of related directories.

@emitorino yeah, you can remove this. Classic confinement would still be ideal but this tool is really niche and the users that care can either install it via other ways or use --devmode.

Unfortunately this tool is not the clear owner of anything, it’s used to compress files, so technically it should be used anywhere, like tar or gzip.

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