Classic confinement for Sublime Text 3


Sublime Text 3 is a very famous text editor. Please allow classic confinement for it.

snap name is sublime-text-3 because the upstream maintains a separate version called sublime-text-2 as well. Also they don’t follow the ordinary version scheme and the name of every release will be sublime-text-3, they differentiate new versions based on their build numbers (current: 3143)

Packaging lives here: and again we can move this under snapcrafters. Also I commit to the maintenance of this snap.

Please transfer sublime-text-3 to snapcrafters

@Wimpress We can probably move this to snapcrafters as well.

My only query is, how will we manage updates once this (and android-studio) moves under snapcrafters ?


The requirements for classic are understood. Thank you.

@evan - could you or someone from your team perform the other parts of Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps?


@om26er I’ve imported sublime-text to the Snapcrafter repo, please submit change via pull requests :slight_smile:


@Wimpress Thanks for doing that. Can you tell when will these snaps get uploaded to the store ? Currently sublime-text-3 is registered under my name, mind moving that under snapcrafters ?


Please transfer sublime-text-3 to snapcrafters covers the name transfer.


@jdstrand I think this and android studio are now good to go.


This one is also under snapcrafters, so if you could approve it…


@popey, can you comment? We need to discuss the policy surrounding the snapcrafters group wrt classic, etc. Perhaps you can create a forum topic?

Allow classic confinement for electron/asar

We discussed this in another thread. Commit access to snapcrafters is limited to Canonical employees. So having sublime text 3 (or other classic snaps) in snapcrafters should meet with the requirements of classic confinement as I understand them.


build.snapcraft is fixed, so if we land it now, we’ll have a release soon.


Ok, thanks. Granting classic. This is now live.