Classic confinement for Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is a very famous text editor. Please allow classic confinement for it.

snap name is sublime-text-3 because the upstream maintains a separate version called sublime-text-2 as well. Also they don’t follow the ordinary version scheme and the name of every release will be sublime-text-3, they differentiate new versions based on their build numbers (current: 3143)

Packaging lives here: and again we can move this under snapcrafters. Also I commit to the maintenance of this snap.

@Wimpress We can probably move this to snapcrafters as well.

My only query is, how will we manage updates once this (and android-studio) moves under snapcrafters ?

The requirements for classic are understood. Thank you.

@evan - could you or someone from your team perform the other parts of Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps?

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@om26er I’ve imported sublime-text to the Snapcrafter repo, please submit change via pull requests :slight_smile:

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@Wimpress Thanks for doing that. Can you tell when will these snaps get uploaded to the store ? Currently sublime-text-3 is registered under my name, mind moving that under snapcrafters ?

Please transfer sublime-text-3 to snapcrafters covers the name transfer.

@jdstrand I think this and android studio are now good to go.

This one is also under snapcrafters, so if you could approve it…

@popey, can you comment? We need to discuss the policy surrounding the snapcrafters group wrt classic, etc. Perhaps you can create a forum topic?

We discussed this in another thread. Commit access to snapcrafters is limited to Canonical employees. So having sublime text 3 (or other classic snaps) in snapcrafters should meet with the requirements of classic confinement as I understand them.

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build.snapcraft is fixed, so if we land it now, we’ll have a release soon.

Ok, thanks. Granting classic. This is now live.

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Hi – just curious, why is classic confinement necessary for Sublime Text in particular?

because it is an IDE, like VScode and as such it might need access to header files randomly located on the host machine …

see the categories for permitted classic snaps on: