Classic confinement for speedy-duplicate-finder

Hello guys,

Would you please grant classic confinement for speedy-duplicate-finder snap?

App webpage:

The app for proper functioning walking the filesystem and strict confinement breaks UI once user downloaded and installed the snap.

Broken UI that user is seeing after installation:

Working UI should look like:

Many thanks!


If I’m using this application, I’d likely only be using this on files in home and removable-media which are covered by those interfaces. I’m unlikely to want to delete duplicate files elsewhere in the filesystem. So based on that I’d -1 unless there’s some reason to justify deleting duplicate files outside those places?

-1 from me too. I would use a tool like this to clean up my own data, rather than the the whole file system. I think using the home and removable-media interfaces should be sufficient. So I would suggest that @Qiplex add the removable-media interface to their snap and request a store assertion to auto-connect it.