Classic confinement for RustRover


Could you please approve the classic confinement for our new IDE snap - rustrover?

More info about RustRover IDE could be found here.

And consequent request to add it to 2032.2 track 2023.2 track for RustRover IDE

Thanks in advance.

Also here is the request for 2023.3 track.

Hi @odysseus-k ,

RustRover has been published to latest/edge, see


Thanks for the heads up. Once the the review process for classic confinement is over, I’ll go ahead and create the requested track.



hi @JetBrains, According to the process for reviewing classic snaps, we require that the request fit into one of the supported categories. and this snap, which is Rust IDE, perfectly fits into IDE category. This project is quite popular and well maintained by upstream as well.

Can other @reviewers also chime in and provide their point of view please? thanks

I agree @0xnishit, this is a clear cut IDE from an already vetted publisher. Classic confinement granted to rustrover. This is now live.

Can you also add rustrover for the 2023.3 track for JetBrains IDEs please since current request is resolved now?


This is done. I will also create the 2023.2 track as requested here.