Classic confinement for Obsidian

Hi there, we’d like to request classic confinement for Obsidian.

After a round of feedback from our users, our primary feedback was that classic confinement would vastly simplify our users’ workflows involving other tools operating with Obsidian’s notes.

While we think Obsidian will work fine with strict containment, we believe that using classic confinement will provide for a better overall user experience.

Thank you! (Tagging @Igor as requested)

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As per the Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps, can you please explain the use-cases that require classic confinement and which category you believe obsidian fits within which is granted an exception for classic confinement as detailed on that post? Thanks.

Category is IDEs (for notes)

Use cases:

  • running arbitrary command (esp if user-configurable such as a developer tool to organize dev environments)
  • Using tools like git, grep, python, custom scripts written by power users.
  • Use exporters/converters (like Pandoc) and static site generators (like Jekyll).
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@alexmurray I am reviving this topic, to move Obsidian forward.

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Ok I think I need a bit more context here - @lishid can you help me understand the normal use-cases for obsidian or point me to the upstream project as currently I have no real idea what this application is / how it is meant to work and hence whether classic confinement is appropriate or perhaps whether there are ways to make it work under strict confinement. Thanks.

The easiest way to think about Obsidian (in the context here) is “VSCode for notes”. It’s a program that allows you to open a folder of files (primarily .md, but anything is allowed), and lets you modify them, interact with them, and perform various operations like mass refactoring.

A big selling point is the fact that Obsidian works entirely off the file system, which means users can use all of their other tools with Obsidian notes as mentioned earlier:

git, grep, python, custom scripts written by power users

You should be able to find more information about Obsidian at our landing page, or google up any popular tutorial videos on YouTube.

@alexmurray Just a quick bump on this. @lishid if you don’t see a reply from us on this within a few days, you can always bump the thread.

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Thanks for the reminder @igor - the updated information seems sufficient to me that Obsidian roughly fits within the IDE category - in particular looking at the vast number of plugins which seem to rely on external tools etc shows this to be the case.

As such, the requirements for classic confinement are understood. @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

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+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

Thanks @Igor - this is now live - @lishid can you please upload a new revision and it should pass automated review (or mark the existing one for manual review and I should be able to resubmit it on my side)? Thanks.

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A new version of Obsidian has been published on Snap Store!

sudo snap install obsidian --classic