Classic confinement for general session dbus access


I have a snap called playerctl which I think needs classic confinement. This snap finds media players by calling ListNames on the session bus to detect which media players are running on the session with a well known name that follows the MPRIS specification. It may then connect to any of them to call methods or listen to signals. The package will not work at all without permission to do this.

Would classic confinement be required in this case or is there some way to give the package this permission?

theer are mpris as well as generic dbus interfaces you should be able to use …

Thanks for the reply, but neither of these grant all the permissions I need. I’m getting permission denied on org.freedesktop.DBus.ListNames which I need to discover media players, and access to any arbitrary mpris interface exposed on the session. I don’t have the will to maintain a whitelist.