Classic confinement for existing Helm snap


I think I was correct on there when I mentioned that, even with the home plug, the snap does not have access to hidden files. Therefore, changing the KUBECONFIG to a non hidden directory would work.

However, seeing as kubectl is classic confinement anyway makes this undesirable, so I’m opening the conversation to make the helm snap classic.


The kubectl snap is intended to move to strict confinement soonish (cc @Wimpress), AIUI. Is this snap only meant to be used with the kubectl snap? If so, I would suggest that kubectl be adjusted to put its configuration somewhere else, or, we add a kubernetes-observe interface to allow accessing the configuration.

Nevertheless, the requirements for this request for classic are understood. @evan, @Wimpress, @popey - can one of you perform the other parts of Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps?

Hey @jdstrand,

Yeah, I have aimed for this using a wrapper (

I guess the current issue is the lack of parity between kubctl and helm as well as us not communicating the fact that the kubeconfig file lives in common rather than the traditional .kubeconfig.

Ping @evan, @wimpress, @popey

Ping @evan, @wimpress, @popey

Ping @evan, @wimpress, @popey

I see no objections. The snap is built from upstream tarball dump, and for consistency it seems sensible to have the same configuration files used for each related tool. So +1

+1 from me too. Helm needs to be classic to correctly integrate with K8s.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Created a pull request to really change it to classic snap: