Classic confinement for Eric IDE

Eric is a full featured Python editor and IDE, written in Python. This IDE must access to various version-control systems such as git, mercurial, etc. Please allow classic confinement.

Repository with snap config here:

App page:

Guys, any news/actions?

Since Eric requires access to arbitrary locations and binaries on the filesystem, I’m +1 on this one.

@jdstrand, any thoughts?


The requirements are understood.

@Igor - classic confinement is not a voting process (see Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps for details). Are you saying you have vetted the publisher? If not, can you, @Wimpress, @popey or @evan do so and report back?

As best as I can determine @crazysky (Denis Makarov) is not an upstream contributor to the Eric IDE project but is the owner of the GitHub repo that the snap is create from.

I’m not sure how to interpret this. Is the publisher vetted? Thanks

Hi all,

I am the maintainer of the eric IDE. I inspected the github repo mentioned in the original post by @crazysky and did not find any malicious changes. Furthermore he provided valuable feedback (e.g. issue reports and feature improvement requests) in the past. Hope this helps to vet him.

@Wimpress @jdstrand So guys, can we speed up the process, because original thread created over month ago. Can you speed up vetting process? Thanks.

@detlev Thanks for your feedback. I also looked at the snapcraft.yaml for Eric IDE and it is clear that @crazysky understands the requirements of Eric IDE and how snapcraft works.

@crazysky Sorry if this is frustrating for you. I can see you’ve invested a good deal of effort in creating this snap and it is of high quality. We are being diligent here because classic confinement grants full access to the host system and we are cautious about granting classic to an individual who is not affiliated with the upstream project.

@jdstrand Thanks to the feedback from @detlev I am :+1: for granting classic for Eric IDE to Denis Makarov as he is clearly invested in the Eric IDE community.

@Wimpress Hello, thank you for your comments. Is classic already granted? Or it also must be validated by others?

Granting use of classic. This is now live.