Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce (snap package)

Hi! Please check this ticket: Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce

Last comment: Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce

We have fixed almost all the problems with access restrictions in dbeaver-ce snap package, but one main problem remains.

Sorry for duplicate this one, but we really want to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @eugene.mironov,

Is the remaining issue the dbus one? If thats the case, as I have mentioned in the related post, I have granted the access.

Let me know if you were referring to other issue instead. Thanks!

Hi @emitorino ! Seems like we finally resolve this issue. I ask my teammate in the main ticket to give an answer.

And this ticket I’ll close. Thanks for youre help!

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Hi @emitorino, Please could you looked the last replay in main ticket?

We can’t get what’s we doing wrong.