Classic confinement for clpeak


Thanks for this, however as part of granting classic we need to gather requirements and this isn’t specific enough. Can you briefly sketch out how you see this potentially working in the future?


Ping - can you clarify your thoughts on this? Thanks!


@zyga - can you please clarify your thoughts on this? I can’t proceed until the requirements are clear.


My idea is that eventually non-hardware-specific (that is, run on CPU) things could be provided by. custom snaps (either shared or bundled) while hardware specific elements would be provided by snaps managed by snapd (like Nvidia and MESA). This might depend on the ability to synthesise configuration in /etc, regardless of what the host /etc looks like. I think at this stage it is still a little bit hand-wave’y.

I would like not to stand in the way on the path of individual useful snaps getting to the store, therefore I gave +1 on the initial request.


Thanks for the additional information @zyga. The requirements are understood.

@advocacy - can you perform the vetting?


Vetting done. +1 from me.


Granting use of classic. This is now live. Your next upload should pass automated review.


Thank you guys.
Clpeak is now live :slight_smile: