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I would like to ask for classic confinement approval for our snap app chaseapp. chaseapp is an application that serves as an instant one stop search for all local and cloud resources of a user. it is available on mac, windows, and linux as snap. ChaseApp started as an instant search for user cloud resources only (similar in ux to mac spotlight). e.g user could use it to search its github,jira,gmail notion,aws and 30 more cloud services all from one place. after successful launch of our beta we received lots of feedback from users who wanted chaseapp also to allow them to search their local computer for any file on the fs and also to serve as a quick launcher to open any installed app. we already have a release that allow these 2 features (search files and launch apps) however we need this approval to be able to publish the snap.

for more information about the app please visit our web site: we recently completed successfully Soc2 Type II security audit and an external penetration testing.

adding screeshot that demo the new feature screenshot_from_2020-11-05_15-38-20

Thanks for your help!


@reviewers Can somebody look at this please? We have a version ready for production but can publish this version on snap due to the restriction. Thanks! BTW for launching apps we are relying on xdg-open script

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To search for local files you could either use the home interface to see files in the users $HOME, or you could use system-backup to see all files - and as you are already using xdg-open to launch resulting apps, this should be able to work under strict confinement when using portals - as such, classic confinement should not be required from what I can tell for this application.

Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for advising.
I followed your instructions however the problem i encountered is with direct launching of apps.
aside from searching and opening files and cloud resources ChaseApp allows users to search and launch installed apps (on linux we are relying on .desktop found on the pc). Think of it like a full replacement for the os launcher plus search of cloud resources and files all in on place. As far as i understood there is no way to launch apps from snap while running in strict confinement Untitled

attached below an example from a Windows box for how chase could be used launch apps


Hi @alexmurray,

just wanted to check if you got to read my post above?
we are waiting with the release of the new version for linux until we resolve the snap sandboxing issue.
i would greatly appreciate your help with this.


@itayit yes I did see your update - unfortunately there is no way currently for strictly confined snaps to launch other applications (as this would allow them to escape the confinement). Also the need to launch arbitrary applications is not generally considered a supported use-case for classic confinement either so I don’t think there is a way that ChaseApp can support this functionality as a snap at this stage.

@itayit since there does not seem to be any active request that we can follow up here, I am removing this from our internal queue. Please let me know if there is anything new however and I would be happy to try and help where I can. Thanks.