Change ownership of mackup

Hi, I registered mackup, but now lra is getting snap work upstream and I want to give him full ownership. Thank you :slight_smile:

As this is a classic snap the vetting process will need to be redone with the new owner. I haven’t checked whether this is made clear in the docs. @jdstrand, am I correct about that?

cc/ @evan, @wimpress, @popey.

I’m the maintainer of the original app, is there something I can do to move this forward?

Sorry about the delay in processing this!

I can do the transfer, for which I would need to verify with both current owner and recipient via e-mail (no worries, I’ll reach out to you). However, since it is a classic snap, the need to vet the new developer might still stand. We definitely need @jdstrand to tell us how to proceed.

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Gentle ping…
any news?

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Apologies for the delay. I have completed the transfer to @analogue (based on the Github upstream conversation and his e-mail address as listed on Github). The rationale is that since upstream already has control of the source code, it’s reasonable to transfer the snap with its classic permission as-is.

Still re-ping to @jdstrand for comments about this, in case the classic bit needs to be reassessed.

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Hello again,

After discussing with @jdstrand, we reached the conclusion that “classic isn’t so much about trust in the snap, it is about trust in the publisher” - which means that there is still a need for the advocacy team (@Wimpress @popey @evan @Igor guys you really need an @advocacy forum group) to work with the new publisher ( to ensure they are vetted for classic usage.

With that in mind, after the transfer, I have removed the snap’s existing authorization to publish new builds using classic. That sounds bad but it’s not! don’t worry!

  1. Existing uploads are not affected (they’re “grandfathered”) - any user can still install existing mackup versions with --classic.
  2. Until you’re vetted and re-granted automatic use of classic, new uploads will get held for manual review, but us reviewers can indeed check them and approve them on a per-upload basis.
  3. Classic authorization will be restored as soon as you’re vetted for use of it.


  • Daniel

Ok, let me know how can I help moving this forward.

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