Change ownership of mackup


I registered mackup, but now lra is getting snap work upstream and I want to give him full ownership.
Thank you :slight_smile:


As this is a classic snap the vetting process will need to be redone with the new owner. I haven’t checked whether this is made clear in the docs. @jdstrand, am I correct about that?

cc/ @evan, @wimpress, @popey.


I’m the maintainer of the original app, is there something I can do to move this forward?


Sorry about the delay in processing this!

I can do the transfer, for which I would need to verify with both current owner and recipient via e-mail (no worries, I’ll reach out to you). However, since it is a classic snap, the need to vet the new developer might still stand. We definitely need @jdstrand to tell us how to proceed.

  • Daniel