Change ownership of booster

Hi, could you please change the ownership of the proj booster from my personal account daniel.morandini to our company’s account keepinmind ? Thank you in advance

@reviewers, can you look at this.

Will need to verify the new account is willing to accept the snap.

@Jecoz I know you have stated that it is your company account, but we have a process which is built under the assumption of transferring between two arbitrary unrelated accounts. In that light please forgive the extra verification that the keepinmind account is willing to accept the snap.

I’ll contact the relevant parties via e-mail to confirm, and act on the transfer once I get confirmation.


  • Daniel

Seems legit to me :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your support! Cheers

After validating the request via e-mail, I’ve performed the transfer. This snap is now owned by keepinmind :slight_smile: Cheers.

  • Daniel

Thank you for your support! :blush: Ready to snap again :v: Cheers, Daniel