Change of ownership for Snap in Store


I’m a co-maintainer of a Snap in the Store - Barrier, the software KVM switch. The current owner made me a co-maintainer, but has since left the project, and I’d like to take over ownership.

I’m not sure if this is the right place, and couldn’t find an email to contact, so I came here.

The current owner is ‘Adrian Lucrèce Céleste (adrianceleste)’, and my name is ‘Dom Rodriguez (shymega)’. The email has been changed to mine, but I’m still not the publisher or owner.

Could someone from Canonical help?


No you can’t take ownership! It’s not yours to claim

Well, I am in the admin team of the Barrier project. I also co-maintain the project, so I would say it’s not out of the question to claim ownership. As I also co-maintain the Snap, and have ownership of the Flatpak, these are also in my favour, IMHO.

I also have noted you only seem to have joined recently, and this is the first post you replied to…

Sorry, just to correct myself: I saw you joined in June, I misread that. However, this is the first post you’ve replied to, and I’m also not sure if you’re a Canonical employee.

I can help with this. As you probably noticed, trivially changing the email and other publisher data won’t make the snap magically owned by that person. The email and publisher name are like name tags, but you’re still you and Adrian is still Adrian :slight_smile:

I’ll transfer the snap to you - we usually ask for the new owner to be added as a collaborator but you already are one, so I’ll just proceed - this is done.

Also, as you surmised, Lex is probably just kidding.

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Thanks for sorting that out. Yes, I did notice the changes didn’t work, but I also hadn’t expected them to work. :slight_smile:

Hard to tell if someone’s kidding online - cons of the interwebs!