Can't use input method in snap apps

Still missing stage packages for some desktop helper parts. This follow-up PR should do the trick.

chromium in the candidate channel has now working ibus support (tested with ibus-cangjie), and a build of libreoffice with ibus support is ongoing.

chromium in the stable channel now has working ibus support. Everyone interested, please give it a try and report here whether this works as expected.

libreoffice in the candidate channel now has working ibus support (tested with ibus-cangjie). Everyone interested, please give it a try and report here whether this works as expected.

Can confirm ibus works fine with chromium.

I rebuilt the hexchat snap (which uses the desktop-gtk2 helper) locally and that was enough to enable ibus input.

I am now going to look into support for Qt apps.

This pull request should enable ibus input in Qt apps that use the snapcraft desktop helpers.

This is now merged. Snaps that use the desktop-qt* helpers should now accept ibus input (after being rebuilt to pick up the last change in the desktop helpers).

How about fcitx support for snap apps? I just tested with lastest libreoffice in the ubuntu 18.04 store and it didn’t work

Please add support fcitx

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I tried mailspring and telegram snap app but they cant work with fcitx well

but flatpak apps are working with fcitx well

wish you can solve this problem


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I would like to ask if the ibus support still requires desktop-legacy interface? snapcraft define destkop-gtk3 doesn’t mention it.

Yes, it still requires desktop-legacy. Note that we aren’t saying that the concept of input methods are “legacy”: rather that the D-Bus services implementing these input methods are not designed with confinement in mind.

They aren’t designed to treat the application as hostile, so in some cases it is possible for one app to snoop on the input of a second app.

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Yes please, for some reason I can’t type using fcitx on my snap chromium

@oSoMoN - perhaps you need to do something similar for fcitx as you did for ibus?

Yes, and this is on my to-do list.

snap      2.32.5-1.1
snapd     2.32.5-1.1
series    16
opensuse  42.3
kernel    4.4.126-48-default

I’m on openSUSE, all apps installed via snap can not active fcitx chinese method, hope can solve the problem in the coming version.


I’m on OpenSuse & experiencing the FCITX problem too.

I’m on Debian 9 Stretch, experiencing the same when using Google fcitx input in Firefox snap.

According to my experience currently on iBus is able to function in snap apps. There’s code in supporting Fcitx but it doesn’t seem to work.