Can't open any other apps (like browsewr) when clicking link if installed on snap (Fedora)

Firefox(default browser) installed by dnf, telegram/discord,… anything is installed by snap.

For at this, installed at snap can’t open browser when clicking a link of it.
Terminal shows up an error : user-open error: cannot find snap for connection: cannot find a snap for pid 14154
At this, the pid 14154 doesn’t exist

Are you using F31 or F30?

Now using on 31 (because my graphics is not supported on 30)

The bad news is that the problem is known. It’s caused by Fedora 31 switching to cgroup v2 by default. We landed fixes that allow snaps to degrade gracefully, but some things like snap process tracking need more work still. In this particular case, the bits on the outside of a snap attempt to verify that the request to do some action actually came from a legitimate process running inside the confinement set up by snap.
The good news is that I hope we’ll have a decent fix by 2.43.

cc @zyga-snapd

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