Can't download snap by revision despite being the maintainer

Hey everyone, I’m currently the maintainer of the snap rocketchat-server.

Even though I am, I don’t seem to be able to install/download a snap based on the revision number.

error: cannot download snap "rocketchat-server": Access by specifying a revision is not allowed for this Snap.

sudo snap download rocketchat-server --revision=xxxx

I am logged in snap in this machine,

[debdut@Rocket tmp]$ snap whoami

I seem to be able to use the install command, but not the download command.

snap download doesn’t use your login credentials (Which are stored by snapd, with which snap download doesn’t communicate). So from the store’s point of view, using snap download looks as an unauthenticated random user trying to get a specific revision == not allowed.

You can pass an authentication details file to snap download so it acts as an authenticated client, please see this post.

  • Daniel