Cannot download my own snap by revision

$ snap info  mir-kiosk-kodi
name:      mir-kiosk-kodi
summary:   Kodi packaged as an IoT GUI
publisher: Alan Griffiths (alangriffiths)
$ snap whoami
$ snap download --revision=382 mir-kiosk-kodi
Fetching snap "mir-kiosk-kodi"
error: cannot download snap "mir-kiosk-kodi": Access by specifying a revision is not allowed for this Snap.
 snap version
snap    2.56.2
snapd   2.56.2
series  16
ubuntu  22.04
kernel  5.15.0-43-generic

snap download does not go through snapd, therefore it does not use or know about your credentials or authentication. It counts as an anonymous download basically :frowning: You need to export a credentials file using snapcraft and then use that when calling snap download so it counts as an authenticated access and allows the revisioned download.

More here. Improvements in snap download