Can the list of my snaps in be sorted?

I’ve got quite a few snaps now, and when I look at them via the list of snaps seems to be randomly sorted. Is it possible for the list of snaps to be sorted alphanumerically to make finding them a little easier?

Hi @cking ,

The list is not randomly sorted, is sorted by latest activity on a snap. So the snaps are the top are those that you or a collaborator have modified the latest (except for Revoked snaps that are pushed down to the bottom).

Makes sense?
Regards, Natalia.

Ah, that’s a little inconvenient as I try to have a regular-ish cadence on my snap uploads so for me, the latest ones at the top are not the ones I’m interested in, so I have to go hunt for them down the list.

At least I know there is some ordering method used now.

what counts as “activity”? Because in my list I have a snap a snap I created 2018-11-15, then a snap I haven’t touched since 2018-09-24 , then a snap I haven’t touched since 2018-06-14, and then many snaps further down a snap I built and published on 2018-11-14 and released to stable 2018-11-24.

@chipaca Could you please share a screenshot of your home page, or list the snaps by name and the order you see, so I can debug?


it doesn’t really fit in a screenshot. This is the order they appear in:

In [8]: t.xpath('//a[@data-test="package-summary-name"]/text()')

the http snap was updated very recently, compared to icdiff for example.

@chipaca we may need more time to investigate this. Would you or @cking please file a bug under the snapstore project in LP?


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