Can snapd be proactively compatible with ibus

I’m thinking that can snapd be proactively compatible with ibus instead of the developers do such extra works to make their snaps compatible with ibus. I know canonical official does this work well that firefox and snap-store have no such issue, but ibus is still unusable on many 3rd-part snaps (for example I have to install the deb version of vscode to enable ibus)

Good day 31core,

Would you mind explaining in a little more detail what mechanisms you expect to be available for “proactive compatibility”, this is not clear to me. In my understanding ibus provides dbus & cmdline interface for apps/snaps to use, but I cannot see how the app/snap will not have to make some effort/code to interact/utilise ibus capabilities? So I suppose the question is what exactly is meant with “proactively compatible”?

i think the difference here is strict vs classic confinement … firefox or snap-sore (and indeed most other snaps) will use the gnome extension which ships a proper setup for ibus automatically …

in general classic snaps are horrid to package correctly, to make sure you keep the runtime environments distinct etc … and the packager will have to jump through some extra hoops to make such integration work in a classic snap like vscode …

i’m not sure there is anything that could be “proactively” done to fix this situation though given the nature of classic snaps