Can "snap info" be more refined/complete WRT info it provides?

A couple features of “snap info” that could be improved. First, while “snap info” has a “–verbose” option, you don’t really get a lot more verbosity with it. From what I see, all you get in addition is base, notes and health – not exactly a tsunami of additional info. (And one would think that the base of a snap should be part of regular info.)

Next (and surprisingly), even in verbose mode, you don’t see the list of hooks registered with the snap, which I thought would be useful in some circumstances.

Perhaps a solution would be to support a number of additional options (–commands, --notes, --hooks, etc.) to select precisely what info you want to see.


If I can add my feedback… some snaps have a long description, which isn’t helpful when running snap info (I would think most people run snap info to look at versions, tracking, refresh date, etc.). IMO the description field should be part of --verbose.

I agree totally, I think the output of “snap info” should be minimalized, so that “–verbose” makes an actual difference. I would have “snap info” print the concise one-line “summary”, and leave the description for verbose.

Just noting that when a snap is not installed snap info can’t know everything about it, since hooks, apps, and etc can and do vary depending on the revision of the snap.