Can not remove snap

Good morning,

sometimes after i have installed my snap, and i want to remove it i get an error

my workaround is to remove this folder manuelly. But i dont know why this “suddently” happend!?

Any suggestions?

Thank and a great day;)

you likely manually created a file or dir there (and not in one of the subdirs where this is allowed) …

yes i copied a needed file from /snap/appengine-snap/ to the /var/snap/appengine-snap/ folder after install of snap. because the executable process expect a file there and not in the /snap/appengine-snap/ … and now, what i can do in this case?

you want to use either $SNAP_COMMON (/var/snap/<snapname>/common/) or $SNAP_DATA (/var/snap/<snapname>/current/) as target dirs for any writable files your app requires, not the toplevel /var/snap/<snapname>/ directory (the confinement should have prevented you from writing there in the first place in fact ) …

Good morning ogra,

in my ap command i execute my (see my snapcraft screenshot). And in fact, i copy a file th $SNAP_DATA. this should work or not!? image

thanks in advance